King23 is born, is it?

Hello everyone,

about two month back  (well a bit less actually), we here talking in EVSCO‘s chat about a website that would allow to track the killmails in a specific conflict in the MMO EVE Online under the name of  Northern Crusade.

After a test by Karbowiak (one of the EVSCO guys) it was clear that the EDK3 based killboard would not be able to handle that without further problems, so i came up with the idea of building a special conflict tracking application which would focus on giving statistics over the whole conflict rather than the single kills / battles.

Pretty much the same day i started developing ECOTRA (EVE Conflict Tracker), whichs first testcase should be the Northern Crusade.

I knew it would need to be able to handled high visitor peaks, i knew it shouldnt eat up too much resources at the webspace that evsco provided, and i knew that it had to work with the (pretty huge) evsco database (mysql), to fetch the kill information from somewhere.  Also i had to stick to a language allready available at the server (PHP).

My first instinct was “yeah, i could do that with Zend Framework or Symfony” but, honestly i did not want to. While both are great frameworks and both have their advantages they are both coming with quite some weight aswell – so i decided to do my own stuff (shame on me).

Goals where:

  • MVC Framework
  • Routing capability
  • Automated Classloading
  • Easy to install
  • Using SithTemplate (i love this template system, so i had to make this an requirement ;)

The name was found quite quick, its sort of a parody of the name of a framework i used to work on a few years back (Kong42, anyone?).

Now, a few days later we (EVSCO guys + me) launched the Northern Crusade together, and wew where quite happy with its success.

A few days after the launch a friend asked me if he can look at the source, so i gave him ECOTRA + King23, which ended up in him extending ECOTRA a bit. A few days later he asked me if he could use King32 in a project of his, but at the time it was not documented well, and i was still thinking about how to proceed from there, so i asked him to not deploy it on any other machine yet.

Well the work on King23 didnt really stop (every now and then i added abit, for example when i was visiting Lukas from linuxlancers i added quite a bit of the docs before going to bed).

Yesterday we where talking about autoloaders, module loading etc on the EVSCO chat (yes, that chat again ;), and during that conversation i posted a few lines from the classloader of King23. One of the guys got interested in what im doing, so i decided to give him access to the gitosis server i was using, but right after i gave it to him i thought “what the heck, if i give it to him i can make it public anyways”.

So i created the GitHub project, pushed the git there, created a twitter account, linked it to github.. and here we go.

Well obviously this is not a proper release yet, but it is out there..

ill try to write up a quick starting tutorial later.

King23 Links:


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