Pheal: PHP EVE API Library


Pheal, (yet )a(nother) PHP Library for reading the API is available now,
it is basically a port of EAAL (which is for Ruby), and does not come with many extras (a file cache handler is included, but can be replaced by other handlers quite simple).


In the last few days i have been looking for PHP Libraries that allow me to work with the EVE Online API. It should also be used integrated in my King23 Framework

I found two libraries that are worth mentioning:

Both can do the job just fine, but both have their problems too.

Ale besides the EVE Api also has some functionality to access
the EVE Central API, but tends to return SimpleXMLElements (or in most cases a own Class derived from those). While that allows a few nice xml tricks, it can get quite annoying when you forget to cast something you expect to be a string.

Yapeal allready got me running away when the documentation in its ini file said that it *requires* a database to be set. I don’t want to have a rdbms running, just for some library
fetching xml documents.

both require configuration through ini files, which i find rather odd, since when deploying an application i dont want the user to go through all sorts of ini files from the libraries used, i want him to use one central application configuration.

So how to use Pheal?

please check the Github Page for a bit of info on how to use it, further tutorials might come up during the next few weeks on this blog.



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