hiphop-php, my first impressions

A while ago facebook released its hiphop for php (hphp).

hphp is used by facebook to improve the performance of PHP by translating the PHP code to C++, and then compiling the C++ code to native code. For most PHP applications that wont make too much of a difference, but if you have alot of concurrent users, or you are sure your bottleneck is your cpu, then hphp might help

today when i came home i started with the plan getting the King23 default project up and running in hphp. little did i know.

It took me about 2 hours to get all libraries needed and hphp itself installed. The whole process from there to compiling the first program is not really documented that well at the moment. The basic commands and configurations are listed in the docs, but you hardly find any trouble shooting..

Worth mentioning: compiling the default king23 project app, the compiling runs for about 12 minutes at my machine, and the app is not working in there because of several includes. Once i got those stripped out, i still dont see king23 working, since hphp will quite likely cause trouble with Sith.. (i guess i need to generated the cached classes it creates before compiling and include those).

Either way, more information on my tries to get it going soon – good night for now.

PS: i got my PhpStorm license today, so expect some random anti-zend/eclipse rant etc soon.



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