living in 2010

Living in the year 2010.

One thing i love about 2010

During my youth my friends and i used to bring our PC’s together to create a local area network,
so we could share files and play games together.
While moving our Computers arround on a hand barrow we where dreaming of a networked world,
without the need of us moving the computers arround, with the ability to send instant messages to eachother
and much more.
Much sooner than we thought this became the reallity of our daily life. Nowadays most people, most jobs wouldn’t
function properly without this network.

When i woke up this morning, with a song in my head, i bought it on my ipod, and was able to listen to it
at my way to work – did you think about this back in 1995? thats just 15 years ago! – i love it.

One thing i hate about 2010

I can remember the fall of the Berlin Wall, and what we perceived as the end of the cold war.
After that there was a quite positive mood in this Country – remember the Loveparade in the 90’s?,
(No not the late joke in the last few years).
We all thought the world would change to a more peaceful and free place.
A hope that died in large parts on September 11th 2001 (9 years ago).
Ever since alot of our world is living in constant fear. Here in germany we got arround this fear
for a while, but now our government and the media are pushing that fear, to put through laws which
restrict our very own freedom.
Today, when we go to a railwaystation, we have to see heavy-armed policemen again, i hate it.


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