SithTemplate is dead, long live SithTemplate

Piotr Legnica recently announced that he is abandoning SithTemplate due to not using PHP anymore. As you might know i have been a long-time user of SithTemplate, and am a bit sad though.

Now what does this mean for King23? King23 is comming bundled with SithTemplate atm, using it for its templates. Now while all of this might sound “bad” at the moment, it actually isn’t. Piotr has relicensed SithTemplate under the ‘unlicense’ which basically says ‘you can do whatever the fuck you want with this’.

So whats going to happen is:
a) the current King23 Version 0.0.3 still comes with SithTemplate bundled.
b) for 0.0.4 i will fork SithTemplate, rename it to King23_Template, and make a few changes to better integrate it with King23.

Basically this means in not-so-far future you will see the templating system of King23 a bit more integrated (mostly classloading, how it is configured etc.), and support for it will be continued by the King23 project (so Piotr won’t have anyone bugging him about it anymore).

Whats not going to happen: King23_Template will not work outside a King23 environment, if you need that, you have to fork SithTemplate yourself.


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