3pe first news update

This post is to give a short overview on what happend since i launched 3rdpartyeve.net.

Since 3rdpartyeve.net started on 2011-07-28 there have been about 1500 visits to the website,
there are currently 21 projects approved, out of 23 that where actually added.

The two projects that where not approved are actually one (it was submitted twice), which did not fill in a proper description – having the description simply explain how you add an API key to that website is not really what a catalogue should show, is it?

The Projects added so far are:

  • Agentsfinder
  • Aurora
  • EAAL – EVE API Access Layer
  • EVE Central Intelligence
  • EVE Mentat
  • EVEDrone
  • EveBB
  • EveNexus
  • NEAT
  • POSTimer
  • Pheal
  • Pyfa
  • Reverence
  • YaKB
  • Yapeal
  • eveapi
  • evelogo
  • evemaps
  • jEveAssets

Now if your anything like me you will have noticed that those are 20, not 21 projects, the 21st project is actually a dummy project for 3rdpartyeve.net itself, allowing the rss import from my blog.


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