Kingboard, now bootstrapped and with owner specific details

a while ago Karbowiak of Evsco created quite a bit of interest in Kingboard by one of his forum posts (or was it a blog post?).

Kingboard is supposed to be a new killboard software, which makes alot of things better than the old EDK, see links below for more information.

with the interest having calmed down it seems i’m currently the only one left working on it, and with me having a new job i didn’t really have the time to put into kingboard lately that i would like to have had.

That said, due to me being sick at home i found some time the last few days to make a few smaller changes; first of all i’ve switched the layout to something based on twitters bootstrap, allowing me to care less about the looks while still looking better then the homebrew we had before.
and the second thing is that, since i launched an alpha on basis of my alliance, i put in a few details that make a difference between a common killboard for everyone and owned killboards like those of an alliance (for example kill/loss indicator on kill lists)

Screenshot ofs current Kingboard



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