microphp manifesto…

i just read funkatrons blog post,
and was a bit sad that there was no option to comment on it..

While the author is right an a few points about the complexity of modern PHP frameworks,
his comparisations are a bit off.

First, his cloc comparistation of Epiphany or slim vs symfonys http kernel totally ignores that symfonys kernel can do more out of the box, and has to do a bit more cause it integrates in a larger framework – obviously something simple needs less code, but it can achieve less aswell.

I can remember Rasmus Lerdorf speaking against PHP Framworks, and giving a hello world example for it – and he was kinda right, if you write a hello world script, you don’t need a framework. The same can be said about those microframeworks – they allow to do small tools, websites or jobs quite quick, but they lack when its about larger applications, and they get pain in the ass when working in a team. Also while the code can be quite readable and organized you often end up with a more throw-away-and-rewrite approach over reuse of code.

he writes he wants to do less code? slim framework, wrong approach. (he is right about the maintaining part though.


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