For a long time i’ve refused to use php’s namespaces, mostly because i think \ sucks for them.
However, they are quite usefull.
So lately i decided to take the Time and convert the King23 and Kingboard to use PHP namespaces.

While thats not a hard task todo, it still is alot of work. King23 should be done by now,
Kingboard is done about 70%.

With the namespaces comes new class loading, and with that a bit of a new directory structure.
taking Kingboard as an example, the old structure (simplyfied)


has changed a bit, the lib, model and views directory have moved


the change does not look that drastic, but it allows for all classes below /src/ to reside in namespaces,
where namespace\classname matches the directory structure (PSR-0 style).

So basically everything below /src/ is namespaced, for example /src/Kingboard/Views/Base.php is \Kingboard\Views\Base as class.

i hope i can finish the last changes soon, so i can finish the stuff for a first release.


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