Gamescom: a day between heaven and hell

Last Friday i spend on Gamescom, the worlds largest trade fair for computer games.  Working at a gaming company it wasn’t that hard for me to get a business ticket, giving me entrance to the consumer part as well as to the b2b area.

Gamescom is a great event, on Friday it was crawling with gamers from all over the world, trying to get a look on their favorite game. It also seems to be a melting pod for modern culture, as i saw a lot of Cosplayers and Morphs as well. (Funny how those two groups have more and more become a common sight on all sorts of fairs).

So many people attending obviously has some drawbacks, like its way too little space for that many people, on days where you have around 40°C outside a crowded hall is slowly killing you, personally i managed by escaping to the b2b area every now and then to take a breath and relax for a moment. Also with that amount of people the queues in front of some boothes get quite long (queues for over 2 hours aren’t uncommon for well known brands).

Personally i did not make it to every booth that i wanted to, at some point i was just so worn out by the heat, that i stayed at the beergarden which was connected to the business area – a good place to get some food, talk and chill.

One of the boothes that i was interested in would have been CCP’s, except CCP did not have an own consumer booth – i was quite confused after looking at the consumers catalogue not mentioning CCP. Looking at the business one i found they where supposed to have one at Hall 4.2, but it took me ages to find it – the Booth was hidden within another Booth which might be described best as a “Booth Mall”.  All i learned was that the Party for that night would start at 20:00, and that CCP had a small space on Sony’s booth to Showcase dust. They blew me off quite fast on the booth, not really impolite, but i got the feeling that they did not really wan’t to talk to me – fair enough.

Our own boothes where great, it was like a big party in front of our consumer booth and most people seemed to really  enjoy it.

At the end of Gamescom i went to the EA Party, which was basically a nice chillout in their lounge with music and a few drinks.

I left that party early to get to CCP’s party, only having 2 hours for the later one in my plans – turns out that 40 minutes of that two hours i spend waiting to get in – the brewery the event was at was overcrowded, people had problems finding a seat, and the folks working there had problems serving drinks. Also while i was a bit sad that none of the CCP folks that i hoped to meet there (like the German community coordinator, who wasn’t there, or anyone that i could have talked to about some 3rd party stuff),  i was quite happy that Wollari (evemaps) turned out to be there, since i had not seen him in ages.

All in all the real fun for me started when i left the event and met up with old friends who live in cologne…


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