A few new projects added, cleaned out a few other

i recently updated the 3rdpartyeve.net post on the eve-forums, just to keep a reminder with 3rdparty devs that it exists. I also took the time to go through a few projects and remove two that died a while ago.

the post lead to a few  new ones registering which i have approved, however one of ’em managed to add the project without any url (decloaked.com a killboard website),
so i had to google to add that information, otherwise it would have been a quite useless entry on 3rdpartyeve.net.

3rdpartyeve.net is still running on an older King23 version (and still using sithtemplate, which the current version does not use anymore), so in the next few days i will upgrade to the latest framework version
(0.0.6 to 0.1.0)  which will also allow me to use some oauth classes that i wrote for kingboard, i’m not sure if i will allow the usage of oauth right away or if i will wait for ccps oauth server to be available.


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