Pheal: the next generation (PhealNG)

Good News Everyone!

In June 2010, annoyed with all the other API Libraries for PHP i launched Pheal, the PHeve api library, and with great success alot of people adopted it, and i can proudly say that nowadays it runs in the background of some of the largest websites around EVE Online.

During the course of the Years PHP Development, and they way PHP Applications are developed has not stopped though, and while Pheal found quite a few contributors, including Wollari who put efford in it like a maniac, Pheal was never really at the status most modern Libraries should be.

Sure i added composer support a while ago, but whats that worth without PSR-0 compliance? Namespaces etc?

Well today, after a while of work i bring to you PhealNG, a refactored version of Pheal.


why would i want to switch to PhealNG?
because PhealNG offers you namespacing, because PhealNG is PSR-0 compliant, and because new features will be build for PhealNG only.

does that mean Pheal is dead?
No, should there be bugs found or submissions by others, this will be put into Pheal at least for the next 12 month,

are there reasons not to switch to PhealNG yet?
Yes, absolutely, for example if your application needs to run on PHP versions older than 5.4.

so i can checkout PhealNG on Github, or i can go through composer?
Installing PhealNG through composer is the recommended way to go, obviously you can install it by just downloading it from Github aswell, but please don’t expect support then.

PhealNG on Github (check here for information on how to install/use)
PhealNG on Packagist
Issue Tracking


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