[EVE] what do you guys think of the next patch with the skill changes?

Today i read the question on Facebook, since my answer got a bit longer i decided to blog it, something i rarely do nowadays.
Those skill changes, as alot of the other recent changes (tiericide), are kinda obvious to close the gap between veterans and new players, allowing new players to be able to compete faster with veteran players.

For new players that is great, for Veterans not so much.

If you imagine the playerbase to be a pyramid with the eldest players being at the top, and the new players being the wide bottom layer (and that is kinda how CCP has to see it, since they have to keep getting new players), then this makes it even easier for the bottom layer to overpower the top.

The thing is, a few year ago, you as an older player could hold off several new players easy, i can remember going in a battleship against 6 or 7 tier 1 cruisers, with no doubt on my mind that i would come out on top… with those changes i can be glad if i survive 2, 3 is a real dice roll.

Now, one could argue this means the game is in a better balance and everyone wins, right?

The Problem is more complex, as a veteran player you have played several years, quite likely with some people you met along the way and that you became friends with. Quite likely you have the same level of skill (not skillpoints, but knowledge about the game etc), and at some point you might simply not feel like being a teacher anymore, you just want to fly with your mates and have a bit of fun.

Now with that quite understandable wish, you automatically reach a seperation between veterans and new players, which already leads to closed veteran groups not being able to compete anymore – something that all those changes make alot worse.

Looking at the pyramid i mentioned, or being a new player it is easy to negclect the veteran players, the main money cows and the majority of active players are the new guys.

The initial question i was trying to answer with this post was “Just to general question: what do you guys think of the next patch with the skill changes.”
The answer is:

I’m sad, seeing once again, that i, as a veteran do not count anymore. This is a young-players game now.

I’m sad there is no new content for veterans, no new Shinys, no ship that is build so it sais to everyone “this guy has spend x years to learn to fly this ship”.

PS: There is one more thing annoying me, and that is Amarr becomming the second Gallentehaving more and more Drones, and Caldari now having a dedicated blaster boat with the Ferox? CCP Fozzie doesn’t seem to care about the lore much.. :(


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