[Kingboard] Whats up with Kingboard / Kingboard.net

Someone just pointed out to me that Kingboard hasn’t had any changes in the last two month and, in his opinion, deserves to be called “dead”.

Now, while there is some truth in it (the part about no updates lately), that doesn’t make it a dead project – its simply that i’m doing other stuff as well. With Karbowiak having stopped trying to work on Kingboard in favour for Squizz_C’s zkillboard (PHP / MySQL based, twig template engine, closed source atm), and eve-kill actually more and more switching from EDK to zKillboard, there is no one but me left to work on Kingboard. Personally i’m not really putting a lot of priority on it either, for once, i already mentioned it, i got other projects, and frankly what happend with the beta, well only 6 people put in their API keys so far.. which kinda leaves me with little to no data to be testing.

So whats working so far:

  • oAuth based login (currently possible to use for Google or Facebook, will be connected to EVE as soon as Crest is there)
  • basic User/Standing based battlereports
  • top12 isk wise
  • search (alliance, corp, character..)
  • character/corp/alliance details
  • killmail display
  • a hand full of graphs
  • public board / owned board (slight differences in various displays)
  • API mail import
  • disqus integration
  • stomp based queues for killmails (allows for some future features, aswell as for shared processing of imported mails over various boards)
  • configurable header images
  • bootstrap themes

There is a few more features that are planned, will be worked on at some point (or already had some work but need some more to be included), and it is definately not dead (too much work in it already..)

2 thoughts on “[Kingboard] Whats up with Kingboard / Kingboard.net

    1. kingboard.net is kind of life, however not all features are active yet.
      api, if you have submitted your api to eve-kill / zkb you don’t need to do anything, your mails will be shared between all 3, if you don’t have added it to any yet, you can add yours to kingboard.net, and it will publish the mails (not the key) to zkb (and eve-kill) as well.

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