save the east-side-gallery… please.

When i was a child germany was weird.
there was east-germany and west-germany, the eastern part being ruled by the bad russians/communists/bad guys, who put a wall throug berlin so people couldn’t run from those bad people.

When in 1989 – i was 9 years old at that time – the berlin wall came down, and all of a sudden the world was changing. To me as a child, it was great when one of my heroes, david hasselhoff played his famous song at the berlin wall (new years eve 1989 to 1990), which was broadcasted on national tv.

The cold war ended, and people started to forget. Most of the Berlin Wall is gone today, but they did preserve a small part, the east side gallery, as a memorial to all the people who died, being shot trying to flee to the west.

This is history that happened in my lifetime, its not some ancient stuff that i can’t relate to.

The first time i visited berlin in 1996 (or was it 1997?), and took part in the love parade, which was a great event back then, i didnt see much of berlin back then.

The next time i visited, which was in february 2006, my hotel was right next to the east side gallery. On Saturday, 18. February 2006, i wrote in my old blog:
Gegenueber von meinem Hotel steht noch ein Stueck der Berliner Mauer – die East Side Gallery – die Mauer wurde von Kuenstlern aus der ganzen Welt bemalt und steht nun als Denkmal – und hat bei mir einen starken Eindruck hinterlassen

Translation: “on the opposite side of the hotel, there is still standing a piece of ther berlin wall, the east side gallery. The wall was painted by artists from all over the world, and is
now meant to stand as a memorial – and managed to leave a impression on me.”

Now there are people in berlin who have to be fighting to preserve this memorial, the current government has plans where they allow removing parts of it, and they have already started destroying it.

Today, David Hasselhoff visited the Berlin wall and took part in the demonstrations for preserving this piece of history, and so did a lot of friends of mine. Guys, i’m proud of you – and i hope that the east side gallery can be preserved.

honestly, i cannot understand how anyone can want this to be destroyed. There are monuments for long death kings and emperors, hell there is even a monument for the gyrowheel in germany, and its the east side gallery they want to kill? whats wrong with them? don’t they understand what this means?


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