Prism, boundless informant, the land of the free and the UN…

Last week we saw a young man do the right thing. Edward Snowden blew the whistle on a few secret US government projects, which are mostly used for surveillance and intelligence. 

The US is a country which puts a lot of pride into being “the land of the free”, and since a lot of americans where questioning the surveilance, the US president Obama stated about Prism that it “does not apply to US citizens and does not apply to people living in the United States.“.
Now lets be honest, if his goverment would have been surveiling their own citizen, thats their thing, it would be up to the us-american people to fight it, and to make their vote in elections against it. But if it is not targeted at their own citizen, who is it targeted against? Us, the rest of the world. Meaning, there is an US-American goverment, which believes they do have the right to take away my (our) freedom, based on the fact that we are not their citizen.
In my books, not being a US Citizen means they don’t have jurisdiction over us, right?

The boundless informant data clearly shows that within europe my home (germany) is the country they take the most surveilance data from. And while our government is talking about asking the us for a transparancy statement on this, our head of police tries to get systems like that in place to spy against ourselves.

Stuff like Prism in germany is strictly illegal, our basic law (something like a constitution) defines the basic liberties which our society is build upon, all laws that we have are to support and protect those rights. (For example: Article 10, Paragraph 1: “The secrecy of mail, post and telecommunications is inviolable“. This is partially limited by Article 10, Paragraph 2, which has quite some controversy to it). Why do i mention this? because this means by running programs like Prism a foreign country has ignored the sovereign rights of our republic, taking away basic liberties that are granted to every citizien living here.

To use more drastic words: this has been an attack by the united states government on our liberties.
Hell, if you count the tools the US have used as cyberweapons, this would legitimated our government calling in the “V-Fall” (Article 115a) (case of defence).

Now granted, shouting for war is not what i have on my mind, but i feel that the severity of the current situation should be made more clear.

This is the time where i’d expect the UN (if it is not just a front for the US) to act, and put in embargos against the united states of america. If other countries had done the same, the US would be the first ones calling for it. (Imagine some North Korean Prism). Those Embargos should be kept into place until non-us UN inspectors have the ability to inspect the program, the program is shut down, and a fee (for the lack of a better word) has been paid to the countries who had their sovereignity violated by this.
Articles with further details on the story itself:


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