Still waiting for the oculus rift…

EDIT: on July 29 my Oculus Rift arrived

EDIT: on July 24 my order Status changed to processing.

I’m annoyed. I’m honestly annoyed. Oculus VR seems to be pretty horrible about their delivery estimates, or their shipping process in total.

When i was in Iceland in April, i got a chance to try out the oculus rift with CCP’s EVR, and right after that ordered a dev-kit myself (lets face it, having new toys ‘n gadgets is every developers dream).  (I posted about it a day later:

Now i ordered at the 28th of April, the pre-order page said it would likely arrive in June. Now two month is a long wait already, but Ok.

Mid June i heard a rumor that shipping to the EU has been stopped in favor to ship more to the US / Asia first. So i did what i do when i hear a rumor, i asked Oculus VR to confirm that rumor.  The first response i got was

“We can’t provide any details on exact shipping dates for orders yet, though we’re working as quickly as possible to fulfill everyone’s order. Kickstarter backers should have their order shipped by the end of May, and pre-orders taken through the website will follow.”

obviously i was not happy with that answer and asked them to be a bit more specific, stating that i need to take a vacaction when the oculus rift arrives, so i can properly spend some time building stuff for it. (true story)

so after a few mails i got the response that i feared:

“We’re hoping to get April orders out in AugustPlease understand this is a very rough estimate and there could be unforeseen delays.”

Ok, at that time i was already a bit unhappy, and i got even more unhappy when i visited the pre-order site of Oculus VR, which states that current orders (and it  still states that today 2013-07-02) will likely to be shipped in August.
I ordered more than two month ago, and have to wait 2 more month at least, and someone who orders now has only to wait two month? Does that make sense to you? or are they being dishonest on their pre-order page?

There is a document where oculus customers can put in when they ordered, and when status changed and when it was delivered:

I added my order a while ago, and i’m looking at it regulary, and what do i know? People who ordered after me already have theirs. W T F?  Granted, some of those people are from different regions, and shipping by region in some cases makes sense. But then there are other Europeans who ordered after me and got their shipment already. People from Norway, Switzerland AND from where i live, Germany.

How hard can it be to deliver FIFO? What maelstrom of chaos must Oculus VR be?


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