3rdPartyEVE Summer Cleaning

I did some End-Summer cleaning on 3rdpartyeve.net, first of all i upgraded from bootstrap 2 to bootstrap 3, which most users probably will only notice through slight changes in the looks.

Second: there is now a Categories Menu at the top, which should make it easier to find stuff.

Third: i cleaned up projects by running an automated task to check if the url’s provided do still exist, and disabling those that are actually erroring out.

Project that have been disabled due to host not resolving or website unreachable:

  • EVEDrone
  • YaKB
  • decloaked

Projects that did not exist under the urls provided (404 etc)

  • jjEVE
  • Bitter Sea Trading
  • EONApp

Other Information

Fleet-UP.com did respond to a HEADERS request with a 500 error code, but since
a regular GET worked with my browser i ignore that for now, however that should be fixed.

EVE-Mogul gave an error once, but doing a second check it came up with a proper response, same goes for jEveAssets


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