Perry, the Experimental PHP Library for CREST

I’ve been working on a prototype of this for a while, but kept pushing it down in my priorities waiting for CCP to release more (especially the SSO that i’m waiting for so desperately).

A few days ago Wollari asked me if i was working on some Pheal/Crest thingie, so i decided to push this up in my Priorities, and spend most of today to finish a first prototype.

First of all, this is a Prototype, it supports most of the functionality of CREST that CCP has either made public (Tournament / Dust Districts) or published documentation for (Contacts). For more information look in the READMEwhich also comes with a short example (based on the Districts).

There are still a few quirks with it, also it lacks caching, logging, archiving, so there is still a lot work to be done – but then i figure CREST is not really public for us either – so this should give an opportunity for all those who want to get a first look at it, but don’t know where to start.

Sadly a lot of the work that went into it was intelligent guessing, since most parts of it are not documented (well most likely they are, but the documentation is not public / i’m to stupid to find it). Which brings up the next problem: To actually use the library you need to know a bit on how the CREST Representations look like, so (for now) you will have to look at it with a tool like Postman ( I’ll see in the next few days (i won’t whine if the CCP guys beat me and release some docs first) cook up a quick-n-dirty documentation to the Crest pages available.



not implemented

  • contacts write
  • anything not listed in implemented

Also you might find some files to access Thora, a Proxy for the old API,
which is mostly not working yet, so don’t use it.


The Name
Perry is named after Perry Rhodan, a long running sci-fi novella series from germany. Now you might ask yourself what that has to do with EVE, and i’ll answer you a plain: Nothing. BUT, the first two aliens that perry rhodan meets are Crest and Thora, of which Crest becomes sort of a Mentor to Perry (and after the death of crest, there are several iterations of Perrys Flaggship named CREST (CREST II, etc.). When i heard the name CREST for the new API last year i knew that i just had to call my lib Perry Blink


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