2014 Project Cleanup

The header image was shared by Roosh Inf3ktion under Creative Commons. Thanks for that.

Over the years i have started and maintained quite a few projects, some of them OpenSource, some not. Also some found quite some usage, others didn’t.

Looking at the sheer amount of (freetime)-projects that i have atm, i’ve decided to clean up a bit.

Pheal / PhealNG (simple PHP Lib for the EVE API)

My simple PHP lib for the EVE Online API. It started with Pheal as a port of my Ruby Lib EAAL, then a few years ago i refactored it into PhealNG. Ever since there have been two projects to maintain – where PhealNG is the one getting the most love. Now today we live in times where everyone should have switched to PHP 5.3 already. PHP 5.5 is currently stable, PHP 5.6 is already in beta 2. Pheal and PhealNG both don’t need much maintenance, but since still people come up with “which one should i use” (and decide for the wrong one), i’ve decided to drop all support for Pheal. Pheal should be considered deprecated and will no longer be maintained.

Use PhealNG instead.

Also this is a good moment to bump PhealNG to 1.0.0 release, so this will happen during the next few days (maybe earlier).

EAAL (simple Ruby Lib for the EVE API)

EAAL has not seen many changes lately at all. Basically all work i’ve put into it in the last few years was to merge in the work of others. This is mostly due to me not using Ruby anymore.

Now i know that a lot of People are still using EAAL (i just need to look at the download numbers) so i obviously won’t kill it. However i’ve decided to open up to the Idea of handing the Maintainer Robe to someone else – so if you want to take over maintenance of this Project, please contact me.


Kingboard was my toy project for the last about 4 years. Personally i was able to use it as a test balloon for a variety of technologies (MongoDB, TokuMX, Stomp, and many more) and probably a private fork of it will continue to fill that role for me. But as an OpenSource project it failed – it never managed to attract more Developers – those who looked at it got scared away by the use of Mongo as a DB or by the use of my own little Framework over something better known.

Kingboard.net as the primary running installation never really kicked off either, more than 80% of its traffic are search engine bots.

So, as of today, the development of the OpenSource Kingboard is stopped. Kingboard.net will have its source base switched to a private fork, and might get changes that are a lot less stable.


my own little framework – it has been in development for a few years now, and i’ve kept refactoring it every now and then – most of my private projects and websites base on it, so it is here to stay. With my focus freed from Kingboard and switched to some other Projects (which also use King23) there might actually come a few more changes, and i might finally be able to put it in a documented and tested structure (probably till the end of the year).


3rdpartyeve.net seems to get less and less new projects submitted, which personally saddens me. However i do want to improve on the navigation options and maybe incorporate a proper search, the goal for that is set to August.

Also lately a few folks have asked me about editing their entries, sadly the edit function is still waiting for an authentication method to be implemented. My original Plan was to use CCP’s oauth2 sso for that, but over the last 3 years there has been no real movement on that front. So i might be looking into other solutions soon.

EVE: Supers do Die!

One of my small little android apps. It seems it has its best times behind it, and i don’t feel like putting more work into it, adding additional featuers. It will stay as it is, not get any updates anymore, until it dies when eve-kill switches to some other kb software.


4 thoughts on “2014 Project Cleanup

    1. since the SSO is still not available there is no login, since there is no login there is no self-editing.
      send me an ingame message (Peter Powers) with the details you’d like to have changed.

      1. This is sad, because I am a developer for 3rdparty Eve Software and I like the idea of this site so much.
        Would be great to manage projects by myself.

      2. That will be coming once ccps single sign on is available completely (sadly 3rdpartyeve.net didn’t make it in the trials but just an other project of mine)

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