Elite: Dangerous under the Rift.

Quite a few people have been asking me about Elite: Dangerous + Oculus Rift.

First of all: it rocks. It really does. E:D’s cockpits shine fully once you have some 3d enabled perspective, all of a sudden this radar thing starts to make a lot more sense. The menus, the way they are integrated starts to seem like the natural order of things.

The Problems with the first generation Oculus DK is that the low resolution makes it somewhere between extremely hard to impossible to read most written text. That said – if you know your menus, you can still have a game.

below this post you can find two videos (two because twitch split them up because of youtubes 15 minutes limit).

Keep in mind that on those videos you will see more  at the same time than you actually do under the rift – under the rift basically you will see just the inner part of each image.

All in all its good fun, and the game feels awesome with the rift – i cant wait for a second generation rift DK to test that one out.



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