Battle Among The Stars, Day 5

So, todays post is rather boring. I spend much more time than I wanted on figuring out how to get a camera which is moveable detached from the pawn controlled by the player.

I wasted a lot of time watching videos on how to use cameras and such, also spend quite some time reading up on answerhub, and in the end I realized, I don’t even need most of the stuff they where talking about (For example: someone suggested using 2 PlayerController instances, so two Pawns, one for the camera and one for the actual pawn can be possessed. Having two player controllers for each player just seemed plain wrong to me).


So I had a closer look on what i actually need, and for now came up with a very simplistic variant to do camera movement. Probably I’ll iterate over it again once I’ve learned more about UE4 anyways. The good thing about all this is that I finally moved the controlls where they belong – to the PlayerController.

Also, if you ever end up using Unreal Engine 4, and you’ve set a PlayerController through Blueprint Icon on the top, but then end up with the packaged build (or stand alone game) not using that controller: Edit->Project Settings is where you have to set it so it is persistant, apparently the one through the icon is only for the current editor session.. not knowing this almost drove me crazy today.

Small video showing that the camera stuff is actually working:


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