Battle Among The Stars, Day 8

It had been a while since I had found time to work on this project – I had been busy doing a few other things inbetween, and while I was inactive the Unreal Engine progressed further – and i got a better understanding on how a few things are supposed to work.

So when I decided to start with Day 8, my agenda was:

  • Get the game ported to Unreal Engine 4.9
  • Rebuild the way the camera is handled
  • Start using components like they are supposed to be used – to add behaviour to Objects

Porting the Game to Unreal Engine 4.9

This point was actually quite straight forward, the automated conversion by the engine did a mostly good job, and only left me with two Problems, both being error messages displayed that actually had no impact except being shown. In both cases this seemed to be related to artefacts from previous Versions of the Engine / Previous Upgrades.

One was simply solved by deleting the folder in which UE is saving some extra information (Saved/Config), the other one required me editing an ini file (Config/DefaultEngine.ini) to remove some references/aliases that where set, and pointed to the path of the 4.8 version.

After those two things where taken care of, the game run flawlessly within Unreal Engine 4 – infact it also seems to have elimitated a Bug that I had problems with since 4.7.

Rebuild the way the camera is handled

I was unhappy with how the camera worked – panning around with the mouse felt rather awkward, and you couldn’t move it by just getting the mouse close to the edge.

To save some time I decided to buy the “RTS Camera PC and Mobile” for about 22 Euros. When i tried to add it to my project i had to first surprise: it wasn’t allowing me to add it to a 4.9 project. So to get arround this i added it to a 4.8 project, and then exported it from there to my game.

When I tried out the demo level that came with it it didn’t work though – after a while i figured out that for some reason (maybe the way i got the files into my project?) The hit boxes it created for moving when the mouse is neer the edge had their name set to “Unknown”, while the rest of the blueprint was relying on the names to be set to Left/Right/Bottom/Top.

After some time I realized that using this camera would require me to rebuild the way controls and my player is handled (the RTS Camera PC and Mobile is build as a pawn, however in BATS the pawn is the ship that the player controls), and had a few further problems (moving the mouse close to the edge = cam is moving, moving it to the edge = camera stops), the camera requires that the game mode that comes with the camera is used – without reason. So in the end i ended up changing my own camera, and throwing away the stuff that i had just bought.

Start using components like they are supposed to be used

I figure this is a learning effect that i got from working with unity a bit. As i was running out of time i just wanted to have used it to learn how to – so all i got to do with it was make a component that can be added to blueprint objects, that will make them rotate in a ranom speed and direction.
This was extremly straight forward, and, as you can see in the video, worked like a charm.

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