I haven’t played EVE much lately,for many reasons. But whenever I look at Google now lately, it presents jet another juicy bit of drama to me, quite often leaving me in a state of  uncontrollable giggle out of schadenfreude.

When I first read about themittani.com kickstarter on a book about the fountain war, I tried to Google what that fountain war was, as I hadn’t seen anything that I’d call a relevant, power shifting war since the fall of the northern coalition. I came up mostly empty handed –  apparently some minor conflict in which goons had some stakes. I was a bit surprised they [goons]  had managed to partner up with CCP, who usually are quite strict about their IP, for something that looked to me like a propaganda piece that mostly goons [+allies] and a few collectors would buy. On the other hand, why not? If any community is large enough to do so, it surely would be goons who with enough members buying their merchandise would be able to pull it alone. I didn’t pledge, as the comics ccp had published with dark horse already had given enough of an impression on how true to history stories told from the goon perspective are. 

So when I look at the drama now live wonder how far off the expectations of some where. Did the guys behind it really think they where creating something for the eve community, with their propaganda? How could they?  Goons, especially some of those involved have always displayed great pride in not being part of the eve community, but belonging to their own [SA], and now they are blaming the eve community for being poisonous? Why? For not buying goon merchandise? Or for calling it out as such? Tell you what, spend a while in a local chat with a goon fleet present, and you will read poisonous.

So what are the lessons to learn here?

About goons:

  • The goon community is falling apart, they have trouble pulling their own project, even if taking part is just buying a book.
  • The Mittani and friends still have trouble estimating their own importance or lack of in the eve community.

About making money with fanfiction in a community driven game:

  • Either distance project to an objective level from all community conflict
  • Or only count on support from the community you are catering to.
  • Kickstart with realistic numbers.
  • Don’t make people who are hated by large parts of the community figure heads or representatives for your project.

And finally:

  • Don’t bee a goon.

regards, PP


3 thoughts on “EVE, GOONS, MITTENS AND KICKSTARTER or the fountain war?

      1. Das ist klar – aber dennoch fand ich das eine recht gute Zusammenfassung, zumindest für jemanden, der sonst vom Spiel nicht viel versteht :) Ich könnte mir auch vorstellen, daß da eine gute Story draus werden könnte.

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