Vaping // the Nebox

A few years ago (2011), around this time of the year, I bought my first e-cigarette. It was a throw-away one that i got on a gas station,
which i bought for trying it out on a car trip with a friend of mine who didn’t smoke.

The experience with it was decent, but nothing that would convince me to switch from normal smoking to vaping.

After the holidays where over, and speaking with a few people who where vaping back then I bought an eGo-T (typ a) by joyetech.
I didn’t like it much – it had those depots, which where annoying, and while it worked better than the throw away e-cig,
it still didn’t come close to a satisfying smoking experience – and the form factor was rather annoying. After a while i just stopped using it.

At the end of 2012 a lot of people where telling me “but if you use one of those new clearomizers, it really rocks!”, so i bought a CE4 Clearomizer and gave it a try. Iit was better than the eGo-T, but still not full satisfying – I kept using it for a short while, but really got annoying with the form factor – I didn’t like to put it in one of my pockets as i was always scared it would break, and carrying it with a necklace, while pratical, always felt weird. So after a while I ended up only using it at home.

A bit more than a week ago, after having a conversation with a coworker of mine about vaping, i decided to give it another try.

the Nebox

After looking through the Internetshop of some ecigarette store, I stumbled over the Nebox, and there was one main reason to buy it: its form factor. It doesn’t have the ugly as tower that modern mods seem to have, and it has about the size that fits in a shirts pocket. So I watched a hand full (2) videos of german vaping-youtubers on the nebox, and since they where mostly positive about it, I made my buy decision.


When the Nebox arrived the first thing i did was read the manual, the second thing start googling about the nexbox, about sub-ohm vaping, and about a ton of other shit. And the more I searched the more people i found who wrote about negative experiences or Problems with the Nebox. Personally I found not everything about it to be relevant, but I had some problems on my own.

  • Problem 1: I plugged in the 0.5ohm coil that came with it – and it said 0.8something ohms rather than 0.5 this is basically the problem which caused me to google. The solution was simple: pulling it out, cleaning it and the base, and putting it back in (and then recalibrating) made the nebox identify the ohm amount correctly.
  • Problem 2: Leakage I read a lot about this, and what i read got me scared (a lot) about it leaking – so much that I’ve google like a maniac to find out what how why, and what you can do. A lot of people claim its leaking several milliliters per hour during normal usage – which i can not confirm. Mine only leaks when: I keep pressing the fire button for a while without drawing any air through the device – this will heat up the device considerably, and there will be some fluid comming out of the air intake at the bottom. This is not what you (should) do during normal usage though. The other thing is when it is standing upwards (with the drip tip to the top) for a longer period of time (hours+), it seems to slowly sweat out a bit of liquid. According to Kanger Techs own blog it can also leak when being charged while standing upwards, because the device getting warm makes it build up a bit of pressure. Their solution for it is put it on the side when you put it down and that solution seems to stop leakage for me (including what i described as sweating). Also some people mentioned that the type/mix of the liquid can improve the situation.
  • Problem 3: the paint at the bottom of the device deteriorates quickly. A lot of the people who complain about this use coins or other hard metal things to open the caps on the nebox – well guess what, use some hard plastic and that doesn’t happen.
  • Problem 4: A single 18650 Battery is not big enough to go through the whole tank. Well to me thats little of a problem, as I usually have a micro usb cable on me anyhow, and enough devices (laptop, external battery packs) also, keep in mind, it always depends on the exact battery you are using. I’m using a LG 18650 HG2, which seems to get me pretty far.
  • Problem 5: plastic tank / tank crackers – the nebox has a plastic tank. Plastic tanks are known to have problems with some liquids, and judging by some guy who posted on reddit, his nebox tank was already destroyed by some tank cracker liquid. So its worth googling about tank crackers if you own a nebox, lucky enough most tank crackers are tastewise far of what I’m having.
  • Problem 6: Theres people complaining about the tank being to big, and making it hard to have different tastes during the day – In my opinion this is a feature, if you want to switch liquids a lot you should probably get another device.
  • Problem 7: The manual requires a bit of previous knowledge or Google-Powers.
  • Problem 8: the coils that are delivered with the nebox are not available in most online stores. the previous, cube-like occ coils by kanger tech work with it though


Wow, thats a lot of Problems, whats good about it?

I really like the form factor, I’ve carried it on me for the past 6 days, and never had this panic i had with the older devices about breaking them or anything. Since I’m using it, and haven’t smoked many regular cigarettes (despite me only using liquid with a pretty low nicotine level), and the vape itself is pretty satisfying.
And even with the quite high liquid usage the tank is large enough to last for two days.

So, would you recommend the Nebox.

Yes I can recommend the nebox, IF you can live with the problems.
Would I buy it again: yes.
Would I recommend it to a complete starter: not without a warning.
If you are thinking about buying it: you might want to consider checking if there is a new version of it out yet, rumour is that kanger tech is working on an improved version.
Make sure you watch a few video reviews on Youtube to learn more about the device before you buy it!

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