My new homepage


I’ve redone my homepage last weekend, go look at it or don’t

some history

Homepages.. I’ve had several since the mid 1990’s. My first one was just me toying around with new exciting technology, it had a bit of text (in german) about myself, and a few hyperlinks to a few friends. Over the years it grew, started show casing some pictures I rendered, offering some code I published – around 1999/2000 I had come to aggregate the headlines of a few news sites, provided some downloads and probably had the most regular visiting users in the history of my homepage.
At that time the Internet had become a thing, everyone had a homepage, and better sites for what I was providing started to appear, so my homepage shrunk to being more of a show case of what I was doing, and for the past 13 years or so, thats what my homepage has been. I moved domain a few times, changed the look every few years, but in the idea the content didn’t change much.

Meanwhile we saw the growth of social networks, and nowadays most people don’t have their personal homepage anymore, as if you want to look up something, you usually go for the social media profiles of those people.

Lately I’ve been looking at the previous iteration of my website, and I wasn’t happy with it anymore, not because it looked bad, but simply because I felt it didn’t have any use anymore – If it write a blog post on wordpress (which I don’t do THAT often), it would add another headline to the start page, but thats about all change that happend to it.

the new one

So I gave it some thought, on what I could actually do with it, and I came up with the idea to re-build it into something that shares some ideas with social media timelines – lets call it a public timeline, which integrates media from a few selected social networks that I’m using.

So, here I present, the latest iteration of my homepage: On the left hand you will find rather static information about me, and a few projects of mine, and on the right you will find a timeline which aggregates my Twitter, my Instagram, my Blog and the latest releases on my github account.

Let me know what you think.



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