A hand full of composer related tools that I’ve found useful.

I know I haven’t been blogging much (about php stuff) lately, and this is not going to be one of the bigger posts either.

However lately I’ve added a handful of tools to my stack, which I think can benefit most developers, so here a few tools that you might want to look upon if you are using composer (which you should).

  • The first one is composition – which allows you to gather information about the currently installed composer packages at runtime. This can be useful if you want to take different routes in your code depending on if a specific package is installed – or if you have tests that only work in specific environments (for example windows-specific code).
  • The second one is prestissimo – I’ve already mentioned this on on twitter a few weeks ago, its a composer-plugin that will parallelize the download of packages when running composer install (´composer global require hirak/prestissimo´ to install it). Is a bit of a hack, basically having the downloads done before the actuall composer run, filling the cache. Great to lower the build times on your build-host.
  • The third one is melody – which is a tool that lets you embed composer information (as yaml) within one-file scripts. You are probably now asking “wtf is that good for?”, it is good for when exchanging gists on github, so you can run the examples from there right away. (be careful though, don’t run code that you don’t trust).

I hope those tools are as helpful to you as they are to me,
best regards,

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