[Post 2] #oneweekdailyblogging – what did others pick for their first post?

So, its day two of the #oneweekdailyblogging. If you don’t know what that is, check out the original post on @Anemsalok’s  blog http://anemsalok.org/?p=896, explaining the rules.

So, lets have a look at what subjects participants chose for their first post:

  • @Anemsalok: made a post bringing people up to speed whats going on with her lately, and informing about a few things on various social platforms that shes been doing
  • @badidol: did kinda the same thing that I did
  • myself: which was a bit of a cheat and posted about doing the one post a day thing
  • @piink: posted on how not to do your hair, using herself for the research
  • @SwordrollsBlog: posted about whos the best Battleboard builder, and the winners of a raffle he run.
  • @tom174_: wrote on why it is worthwhile to work in the games industry

so far thats all the posts I could find taking part..


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