[Post 3] #oneweekdailyblogging – things people say when you are vaping

As you might know, I’ve switched from smoking cigarettes to vaping end of last year.
Vaping has become a more and more common sight (around here), still when vaping
in public you get quite different reactions.

Yesterday I was standing with a friend near a tram station busy with some
small talk. An older lady who walked past us started faning the vapor clouds we
where producing with her hand, faking a bit of coughing.
Now don’t get me wrong, I can see how the clouds can be annoying, and I could
understand if people would prefer not stand in the vapor clouds – however,
to walk straight into one (when there was enough space not to), and then fake a
cough is a bit too much.

Smok Guardian III

Funny enough, this isn’t the only kind of reaction I’ve seen, infact in
the past half year a lot of people have walked up to me and started a conversion
when i was standing somewhere blowing my clouds.

So here a few things people say when I’m vaping

  • (usually by smokers) “you know this is not healthy?”
  • (usually by partners of smokers) “this smells so much better than cigarettes, I wish my partner would switch”
  • (usually by smokers after some conversation) “can I try?”
  • “oh this doesn’t even smell like smoke”
  • “Is that apple I smell?”
  • (usually after opening with one of the previous) can you consume weed/THC with this?
  • (usually by other vapers) “what are you vaping there?”
  • (usually when using my guardian) is that a pipe or an ecigarette?
  • (usually coworkers): your device sounds like darth vader


Have you had similar experiences? Leave a comment!


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