[Post 5] #oneweekdailyblogging – on posting

Right after yesterday’s post WordPress congratulated me to 100 posts. Interesting, I somehow thought I had written more in the 6 years since I moved from my old blog to this.

This morning I still didn’t know what to post about today, and someone (already forgot who, sorry) posted a link to a test that was supposedly identical to one researchers had used to do a study on how many left-radicals or left extremists are in Germany.

The test itself was quite simple, the questions almost leading, and you could only answer yes or no, where a scale from 1 (don’t agree) to 5 (fully agree) would have been much more appropriate.

Let’s me give you an example: one of the questions was “to achieve political goals violence against persons is OK.  Yes/No.
(the same question is available against property too)

Now my first impulse obviously would be to click “no” but the truth ain’t that simple. In reality the German basic law has a clause that makes a lot of sense to me, basically the German law allows resistance when someone threatens our Constitution (which is the basic law), and no other option is left to preserve what our Constitution sais is right or wrong.
Now someone who would act under the umbrella of that law against a government that threatens to constitution (and the rights granted through it) would commit violence to achieve a political goal – and to some degree I think that’s OK. So on the Yes/No question mentioned, I have no other choice than to click yes, while on a 1 to 5 scale, I’d probably have gone with a two.

When I got my result from the test I actually had to think for a moment I I’d really want the result to be findable on the Internet attached to my name. With the ongoing right-shift in Europe this (and posts like this one) might bite me in the Arse one day.

My result was slightly above fifty percent, putting myself in a left-radical corner, that I don’t feel I belong in, I see my self only slightly left of the center of the spectrum, with a mix of heavy liberal and light social-democratic views.

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