Game Jam result: Relicary

Working at a gaming company comes with some advantages, the more obvious ones – like working with geeks and nerds who share a passion for the same thing, but also the lesser obvious ones, like our ways of celebrating and/or living our creativity. Last weekend we had a company internal game jam, just to have some fun. Now, you might ask what a game jam is, so let me quote from the wikipedia article on the subject: “A game jam is a gathering of game developers for the purpose of planning, designing, and creating one or more games within a … Continue reading Game Jam result: Relicary

EVE: Supers Do Die

well, this is a first blog post about EVE: Supers Do Die. i recently got an android phone (because i like toys) and started playing arround (Toys!) with android a bit. Since playing arround is most fun (for me) if it leads somewhere, i wrote a small app that shows super capital kills in eve online. The app can be found in the Android Market, and is kinda free (kinda because i added admob ads – i paid for publishing to the market, so i think its fair to put in an ad ;). Screenshot: Continue reading EVE: Supers Do Die