Composer global config & private repositories

I’m using composer for what feels ages now. Composer is a great tool, and in my opinion everyone should use it. That said, there are quite a few things about it not that well documented, in some cases because it is not that well organised, in others because it doesn’t mention everything. For example, did you know that composer has a global configuration? And, do you actually know what you can configure there? I knew it was there for a while, but i had not ever looked into what can be done with it. Today i was looking for a … Continue reading Composer global config & private repositories

The current “You might not need jQuery” Hype..

lately i’ve seen a lot of people Tweet of Facebook about, infact, right now the github repository used to maintain that site is place three in the most trending repositories. Now  i’m a bit surprised on how many people that i know are jumping on that train. I looked into what the website says, and i disagree with the basic idea of it. First of all it asks you “What’s the oldest version of IE you need to support?”, and lets you chose between 8, 9 and 10. I was a bit surprised since it didn’t seem that long ago … Continue reading The current “You might not need jQuery” Hype..

Kingboard & TokuMX for MongoDB

EDIT: TokuMX v1.3.0 brought full MongoDB v2.4, so its not based on v2.2 anymore like claimed in this post. When i started with Kingboard it was mostly to try out MongoDB, and to learn more on how NoSQL Databases could be used. A year later EVSCO started sponsoring the project – ever since it has slowly been growing. The Virtual Server that is running on has limited hard disk space. Lately Karbowiak has helped me to push about 8million api confirmed killmails into the MongoDB that it is running on. One of the results being that the harddisk usage of … Continue reading Kingboard & TokuMX for MongoDB

Perry, the Experimental PHP Library for CREST

I’ve been working on a prototype of this for a while, but kept pushing it down in my priorities waiting for CCP to release more (especially the SSO that i’m waiting for so desperately). A few days ago Wollari asked me if i was working on some Pheal/Crest thingie, so i decided to push this up in my Priorities, and spend most of today to finish a first prototype. First of all, this is a Prototype, it supports most of the functionality of CREST that CCP has either made public (Tournament / Dust Districts) or published documentation for (Contacts). For more … Continue reading Perry, the Experimental PHP Library for CREST

Game Jam result: Relicary

Working at a gaming company comes with some advantages, the more obvious ones – like working with geeks and nerds who share a passion for the same thing, but also the lesser obvious ones, like our ways of celebrating and/or living our creativity. Last weekend we had a company internal game jam, just to have some fun. Now, you might ask what a game jam is, so let me quote from the wikipedia article on the subject: “A game jam is a gathering of game developers for the purpose of planning, designing, and creating one or more games within a … Continue reading Game Jam result: Relicary

Pheal: the next generation (PhealNG)

Good News Everyone! In June 2010, annoyed with all the other API Libraries for PHP i launched Pheal, the PHP eve api library, and with great success alot of people adopted it, and i can proudly say that nowadays it runs in the background of some of the largest websites around EVE Online. During the course of the Years PHP Development, and they way PHP Applications are developed has not stopped though, and while Pheal found quite a few contributors, including Wollari who put efford in it like a maniac, Pheal was never really at the status most modern Libraries should be. Sure i … Continue reading Pheal: the next generation (PhealNG)