Slim Framework 3 + king23/di (replacing pimple)

I’ve promised this post to a few guys on the slim framework irc channel (#slimframework on, so here we go. As this post is not an introduction to slim framework 3 itself, I might be skipping over some information that, if you don’t know the framework, might be important to you. I recommend that if something is unclear – just have a look at the code of the example app and/or the documentation of slim framework 3 This post is basically in 3 pieces: the slim3-skeleton as an example – a very quick introduction in the relevant parts of … Continue reading Slim Framework 3 + king23/di (replacing pimple)

King23/Castle23/ReactPHP/Slim Framework 3.0 – for the fun of it

Sometimes I sit down, and just do some code for the fun of it. Yesterday I took the time to marry my own Framework with Slim Framework 3.0beta1 – just for the fun of it. The result is quite fast. Disclaimer I’m not even sure if I should make this post. Most certainly I shouldn’t make this post without this warning: almost everything you will see in this post is unstable so if you get the idea to use this in production, keep in mind that you have been warned, and that you probably will burn in hell (or have … Continue reading King23/Castle23/ReactPHP/Slim Framework 3.0 – for the fun of it


For a long time i’ve refused to use php’s namespaces, mostly because i think \ sucks for them. However, they are quite usefull. So lately i decided to take the Time and convert the King23 and Kingboard to use PHP namespaces. While thats not a hard task todo, it still is alot of work. King23 should be done by now, Kingboard is done about 70%. With the namespaces comes new class loading, and with that a bit of a new directory structure. taking Kingboard as an example, the old structure (simplyfied) /cache /conf /lib /lib/King23 /lib/Pheal /lib/Kingboard /lib/… /model /public … Continue reading namespaces

SithTemplate is dead, long live SithTemplate

Piotr Legnica recently announced that he is abandoning SithTemplate due to not using PHP anymore. As you might know i have been a long-time user of SithTemplate, and am a bit sad though. Now what does this mean for King23? King23 is comming bundled with SithTemplate atm, using it for its templates. Now while all of this might sound “bad” at the moment, it actually isn’t. Piotr has relicensed SithTemplate under the ‘unlicense’ which basically says ‘you can do whatever the fuck you want with this’. So whats going to happen is: a) the current King23 Version 0.0.3 still comes … Continue reading SithTemplate is dead, long live SithTemplate

King23 Benchmark – playing a numbers game

Several People have been asking me why i actually started writing King23, with that many OpenSource Frameworks arround. Well, first of all, because i enjoy doing that. Second is my dislike for some of the things other frameworks do. When i started with ECOTRA/Northern Crusade (the first website running on this framework), i looked at several PHP Frameworks and decided to do King23, basically because i did not need most functionality of other Frameworks, because i wanted to use SithTemplates as a templating system, and because of the resource/performance waste that comes with the large frameworks. Today i had a … Continue reading King23 Benchmark – playing a numbers game

King23: extracting parameters from the hostname…

I just added a small feature to King23s routing that allows you to use parts of the domain as parameters. An example use for this would be a multi user photoalbum, where the users name is part of the subdomain, for deeplink to his photos… or a multiuser blog etc. pretty much everything where a hostname is preferred. This is not in the current release yet, but allready available in the git repository on github. A very simple usage example: This adds a route which will match a regular parameter aswell as a hostbased one. Now to explain a bit … Continue reading King23: extracting parameters from the hostname…

random update… oh, and a new page

yeah i know i know, i haven’t posted in a while, thats mostly because i haven’t done much stuff thats worth writing about. however i’ve put a bit of time into a webpage for the king23 framework, and if you want to you can check out a first (very small) version at if i manage to find a bit more time i should probably start in writing a bit more docs then the inline docs and the tutorial posts on this blog. I’ve been toying arround a bit with the idea of adding a bit of tools to integrate … Continue reading random update… oh, and a new page