King23 Pheal CLI

A few people have been asking me for more examples on the usage of pheal lately, so i hacked together a short example utilizing King23 Tasks to create a simple CLI to the EVE API, atm it doesnt really cover much functionality, but it should be a nice live demonstration on how to use Pheal. More Information on this are available at its Github page Edit: it also contains usage of Doctrine, as earlier shown on this Blog :) Continue reading King23 Pheal CLI

King23 routes…

I just made a pretty small change in the way King23 works with its routing, while it is fully backward compatible, it now allows you to add sub-routers to organise your routes a bit. So you dont end up having a list of thousand routes below eachother (and executionwise it means less iterations, more speed, if you use subrouters, instead of declaring all routes in a flat list). It also allows you fancy stuff like extending the router class, overloading the usual router methods by own implementations that only run for a specific subroute… use your imagination of what you … Continue reading King23 routes…

King23 and Doctrine ORM

Introduction Hello and welcome to another King23 article. If you have looked at the current state (v0.0.3) of King23, you might have noticed that while it basically follows the MVC pattern, it does currently not come with any specific database layer to build the model. However, while writing this tutorial i have added a few things to help you to get King23 running with Doctrine. Currently there are several interesting approaches on how to handle your model, be it using an object or document based database system (MongoDB, CouchDB…), or one of the widely known ORM for PHP (Propel, Doctrine..), … Continue reading King23 and Doctrine ORM

King23: an introduction to tasks

Introduction this Article is meant to give you a short overview on how to extend the king23 command line tool within your application it assumes that you have read To demonstrate a few things that can be done with the King23 tasks, we will fetch some data from this blog, and display the headlines in the command line. The Task If you run the king23 command line tool, it will allways check the current path for a subdirectory named “tasks”, and if that one exists add it to the King23 autoloader. it will then make a list of all … Continue reading King23: an introduction to tasks

King23: Getting started

Introduction this Article is meant to give a quick how-to-start with King23, it will lead through the basic installation, and the creation of a first project Requirements Software King23 might run with other setups aswell, but this is the setup it was written for, so i assume that you are using something like this. PHP 5.2+ Apache + mod_rewrite Linux with access to the shell(!) a GIT client Knowledge To actually use King23 you will need to know about a few things, most of them are not exactly rocket science, and there are alot of good tutorials about them available … Continue reading King23: Getting started

King23 is born, is it?

Hello everyone, about two month back ¬†(well a bit less actually), we here talking in EVSCO‘s chat about a website that would allow to track the killmails in a specific conflict in the MMO EVE Online under the name of ¬†Northern Crusade. After a test by Karbowiak (one of the EVSCO guys) it was clear that the EDK3 based killboard would not be able to handle that without further problems, so i came up with the idea of building a special conflict tracking application which would focus on giving statistics over the whole conflict rather than the single kills / … Continue reading King23 is born, is it?