2014 Project Cleanup

The header image was shared by Roosh Inf3ktion under Creative Commons. Thanks for that. Over the years i have started and maintained quite a few projects, some of them OpenSource, some not. Also some found quite some usage, others didn’t. … Continue reading 2014 Project Cleanup

Pheal: the next generation (PhealNG)

Good News Everyone! In June 2010, annoyed with all the other API Libraries for PHP i launched Pheal, the PHP eve api library, and with great success alot of people adopted it, and i can proudly say that nowadays it runs in the background of some of the largest websites around EVE Online. During the course of the Years PHP Development, and they way PHP Applications are developed has not stopped though, and while Pheal found quite a few contributors, including Wollari who put efford in it like a maniac, Pheal was never really at the status most modern Libraries should be. Sure i … Continue reading Pheal: the next generation (PhealNG)

listed at 3rdpartyeve.net

I havent been blogging much lately, neither about Pheal nor about anything else. There has been alot happening arround Pheal since my last post, several other developers have added work to it, and nowadays i believe its the best solution for PHP driven 3rd part eve apps. I recently started a new project, 3rdpartyeve.net which is basically a site listing 3rdparty work arround EVE Online – and ofcourse Pheal is one of the first porjects that i added there Continue reading listed at 3rdpartyeve.net

King23 Pheal CLI

A few people have been asking me for more examples on the usage of pheal lately, so i hacked together a short example utilizing King23 Tasks to create a simple CLI to the EVE API, atm it doesnt really cover much functionality, but it should be a nice live demonstration on how to use Pheal. More Information on this are available at its Github page Edit: it also contains usage of Doctrine, as earlier shown on this Blog :) Continue reading King23 Pheal CLI

Pheal: PHP EVE API Library

Introduction Pheal, (yet )a(nother) PHP Library for reading the API is available now, it is basically a port of EAAL (which is for Ruby), and does not come with many extras (a file cache handler is included, but can be replaced by other handlers quite simple). Why? In the last few days i have been looking for PHP Libraries that allow me to work with the EVE Online API. It should also be used integrated in my King23 Framework I found two libraries that are worth mentioning: Yapeal Ale Both can do the job just fine, but both have their … Continue reading Pheal: PHP EVE API Library