I haven’t played EVE much lately,for many reasons. But whenever I look at Google now lately, it presents jet another juicy bit of drama to me, quite often leaving me in a state of  uncontrollable giggle out of schadenfreude. When I first read about themittani.com kickstarter on a book about the fountain war, I tried to Google what that fountain war was, as I hadn’t seen anything that I’d call a relevant, power shifting war since the fall of the northern coalition. I came up mostly empty handed –  apparently some minor conflict in which goons had some stakes. I … Continue reading EVE, GOONS, MITTENS AND KICKSTARTER or the fountain war?

Battle Among The Stars, Day 8

It had been a while since I had found time to work on this project – I had been busy doing a few other things inbetween, and while I was inactive the Unreal Engine progressed further – and i got a better understanding on how a few things are supposed to work. So when I decided to start with Day 8, my agenda was: Get the game ported to Unreal Engine 4.9 Rebuild the way the camera is handled Start using components like they are supposed to be used – to add behaviour to Objects Porting the Game to Unreal … Continue reading Battle Among The Stars, Day 8

A look at Elite: Dangerous – Powerplay

Powerplay is the latest version of Elite: Dangerous, that adds mechanics which deal with ownership of Systems. I’ve been waiting for this Patch, as E:D had turned to be a bit dull lately, and the basic ideas seem to promise some conflict and even maybe some PVP. Having seen that it was released yesterday i decided that I’d spend a few hours, and see if/how it works So, when i logged in, i located the Powerplay menus quick enough and had a hard decision to make.. to what Power would i pledge my allegiance – now I’m holding the Knight … Continue reading A look at Elite: Dangerous – Powerplay

building a game that reads your mind in 6 hours… OR the worlds first jump ‘n’ blink!

What happend before: A few weeks ago, on the 17th of April I did attend to the first european neurogame jam which was an event about creating games utilizing the ability to read brainwaves through an off-the-shelve eeg neuro-headset such as the Emotive Epoc. Sadly the timeframe that was set for that game jam (just a couple of hours) was way to short to actually build something, so we ended up having Jens and Iris do their presentations – which tought the rest of us about how the technology works, and the basics about the toolchain Iris created. After that we spend … Continue reading building a game that reads your mind in 6 hours… OR the worlds first jump ‘n’ blink!

Battle Among The Stars: Day 7

So, this time I guess I don’t have a fancy screenshot to show. Most of the work on Day 7 was restructuring some more of the Blueprints I had already build (if you read the Day 6 post, you might see that this has become a common theme, which is due to me still learning the language & engine), as well as learning a bit more on how the unreal engine integrates c++, as I have found a few things that I’d like to do that don’t seem possible with Blueprint yet. Also I seem to have a problem with … Continue reading Battle Among The Stars: Day 7

So, what about Elite Dangerous?

December 2013 – Early Access / Alpha I started playing with the first release that supported oculus rift – in fact the support for occulus was what got me to ignore common sense and buy the horrendously priced alpha access. Just to learn that I had come a few days late, and while I paid as much as some quite highlevel backers, i wouldn’t get any of the benefits they where getting. Tough Luck. However I hadn’t bought the game because of those benefits, I had bought it because I wanted some space game to go with my oculus rift … Continue reading So, what about Elite Dangerous?

Battle Among The Stars, Day 6

Today I spend time on finally getting the turret rotation to work, and as it turned out I hadn’t really understood the problems that I faced during LD yet – I ended up having rotation wrong again. (It only worked last time i looked at the problem because I had my 2D playingfield in front of me instead of looking from the top at it.) Now personally i think adding rotational turrets should be something rather easy, and I was a bit annoyed on how long it took me, but I think my excuses are good enough, after all I’m still spending most … Continue reading Battle Among The Stars, Day 6