2014 Project Cleanup

The header image was shared by Roosh Inf3ktion under Creative Commons. Thanks for that. Over the years i have started and maintained quite a few projects, some of them OpenSource, some not. Also some found quite some usage, others didn’t. … Continue reading 2014 Project Cleanup

3rdPartyEVE Summer Cleaning

I did some End-Summer cleaning on 3rdpartyeve.net, first of all i upgraded from bootstrap 2 to bootstrap 3, which most users probably will only notice through slight changes in the looks. Second: there is now a Categories Menu at the top, which should make it easier to find stuff. Third: i cleaned up projects by running an automated task to check if the url’s provided do still exist, and disabling those that are actually erroring out. Project that have been disabled due to host not resolving or website unreachable: EVEDrone YaKB decloaked Projects that did not exist under the urls provided (404 … Continue reading 3rdPartyEVE Summer Cleaning

EVE Fanfest: Oculus Rift / EVR, or submerging in a virtual world.

So, if you are following EVE Online related media, or gaming media in general, you might have heard about the oculus rift game ccp presented on the EVE Fanfest, called EVR. Alot of articles surfaced right after CCP revealed that game, and i assume there will be more blogs about it too. Personally i took the chance to try it, and was quite positively surprised and impressed. Now if you ever tried one of the VR goggles they had in the 90s, you might remember how heavy and slow those where, how you just had simple geometric forms in 3d. … Continue reading EVE Fanfest: Oculus Rift / EVR, or submerging in a virtual world.

3rpdartyeve.net: Update on current status

2 more Projects have been added, also i finally found the time to port it from King23 0.0.6 to King23 0.1.0, which means 3rdpartyeve.net is technically up to date again. It also means i can port some code from Kingboard for Oauth2 authentication which is the first step towards editable Project Pages. However this work will be done once CCP’s OAuth2 is available, no point in having people register with Facebook or Google, and the change it again once CREST is there. Continue reading 3rpdartyeve.net: Update on current status

A few new projects added, cleaned out a few other

i recently updated the 3rdpartyeve.net post on the eve-forums, just to keep a reminder with 3rdparty devs that it exists. I also took the time to go through a few projects and remove two that died a while ago. the post lead to a few  new ones registering which i have approved, however one of ’em managed to add the project without any url (decloaked.com a killboard website), so i had to google to add that information, otherwise it would have been a quite useless entry on 3rdpartyeve.net. 3rdpartyeve.net is still running on an older King23 version (and still using … Continue reading A few new projects added, cleaned out a few other

Gamescom: a day between heaven and hell

Last Friday i spend on Gamescom, the worlds largest trade fair for computer games.  Working at a gaming company it wasn’t that hard for me to get a business ticket, giving me entrance to the consumer part as well as to the b2b area. Gamescom is a great event, on Friday it was crawling with gamers from all over the world, trying to get a look on their favorite game. It also seems to be a melting pod for modern culture, as i saw a lot of Cosplayers and Morphs as well. (Funny how those two groups have more and … Continue reading Gamescom: a day between heaven and hell

a new look for 3rdpartyeve.net

About 10 month ago 3rdpartyeve.net was launched, and shortly before the EVE Online Fanfest it became listed on the official fansite list. During those 10 month a few people told me at the forums that they dont like the look, but since i’ve been quite busy with other stuff i kept pushing the issue to the future. During fanfest, where everyone could read 3rdpartyeve.net on my fanfest badge, quite a few people approached me, and told me how much they like the idea of the site, but how little they liked the design. Well, i made some promises there, and … Continue reading a new look for 3rdpartyeve.net