So, finally, an EVE Post thats not about 3rd party stuff. CCP just announced a few changes in a devblog, which are already causing a gigantic forum threadnaught the TL;DR is: all jump drive capable ships gain the ability to use stargates, but get their maximum jump distance lowered to 5ly (except blackops, they will still be able to go about 8ly). Also there will be a cooldown time on jumping per character (including jumpbridges, titan bridges, blackops bridges and own jumpdrive, excluding stargates), which multiplies per jump, and has a pretty slow decay. Right now there is a lot … Continue reading CCPs LONG-DISTANCE TRAVEL CHANGES

[EVE] what do you guys think of the next patch with the skill changes?

Today i read the question on Facebook, since my answer got a bit longer i decided to blog it, something i rarely do nowadays. Those skill changes, as alot of the other recent changes (tiericide), are kinda obvious to close the gap between veterans and new players, allowing new players to be able to compete faster with veteran players. For new players that is great, for Veterans not so much. If you imagine the playerbase to be a pyramid with the eldest players being at the top, and the new players being the wide bottom layer (and that is kinda … Continue reading [EVE] what do you guys think of the next patch with the skill changes?

Gamescom: a day between heaven and hell

Last Friday i spend on Gamescom, the worlds largest trade fair for computer games. ¬†Working at a gaming company it wasn’t that hard for me to get a business ticket, giving me entrance to the consumer part as well as to the b2b area. Gamescom is a great event, on Friday it was crawling with gamers from all over the world, trying to get a look on their favorite game. It also seems to be a melting pod for modern culture, as i saw a lot of Cosplayers and Morphs as well. (Funny how those two groups have more and … Continue reading Gamescom: a day between heaven and hell