2014 Project Cleanup

The header image was shared by Roosh Inf3ktion under Creative Commons. Thanks for that. Over the years i have started and maintained quite a few projects, some of them OpenSource, some not. Also some found quite some usage, others didn’t. … Continue reading 2014 Project Cleanup

EVE: Supers Do Die! 0.8 – now with notifications!

i just released 0.8 of EVE: Supers Do Die! the new version comes with the ability to have a service running that checks every 15 minutes for new super kills and creates a notification if it finds one. to enable the notifications, start the app, press your menu key, and then choose notification service and then start. atm its fixed setting to check every 15 minutes (future version will have that configureable) so it wont drain too much of your battery (application should only draw while checking) Continue reading EVE: Supers Do Die! 0.8 – now with notifications!

EVE: Supers Do Die

well, this is a first blog post about EVE: Supers Do Die. i recently got an android phone (because i like toys) and started playing arround (Toys!) with android a bit. Since playing arround is most fun (for me) if it leads somewhere, i wrote a small app that shows super capital kills in eve online. The app can be found in the Android Market, and is kinda free (kinda because i added admob ads – i paid for publishing to the market, so i think its fair to put in an ad ;). Screenshot: Continue reading EVE: Supers Do Die