2014 Project Cleanup

The header image was shared by Roosh Inf3ktion under Creative Commons. Thanks for that. Over the years i have started and maintained quite a few projects, some of them OpenSource, some not. Also some found quite some usage, others didn’t. … Continue reading 2014 Project Cleanup

Kingboard & TokuMX for MongoDB

EDIT: TokuMX v1.3.0 brought full MongoDB v2.4, so its not based on v2.2 anymore like claimed in this post. When i started with Kingboard it was mostly to try out MongoDB, and to learn more on how NoSQL Databases could be used. A year later EVSCO started sponsoring the project – ever since it has slowly been growing. The Virtual Server that Kingboard.net is running on has limited hard disk space. Lately Karbowiak has helped me to push about 8million api confirmed killmails into the MongoDB that it is running on. One of the results being that the harddisk usage of … Continue reading Kingboard & TokuMX for MongoDB

[Kingboard] Whats up with Kingboard / Kingboard.net

Someone just pointed out to me that Kingboard hasn’t had any changes in the last two month and, in his opinion, deserves to be called “dead”. Now, while there is some truth in it (the part about no updates lately), that doesn’t make it a dead project – its simply that i’m doing other stuff as well. With Karbowiak having stopped trying to work on Kingboard in favour for Squizz_C’s zkillboard (PHP / MySQL based, twig template engine, closed source atm), and eve-kill actually more and more switching from EDK to zKillboard, there is no one but me left to … Continue reading [Kingboard] Whats up with Kingboard / Kingboard.net

Kingboard: easier to install, project path on github changed, approaching beta

So there are a few news arround kingboard: The installation process has been simplyfied as most of it can now be installed through composer/packagist Karbowiak has been very helpfull lately and done quite a bit of code work, therefor any time soon there will be a public running beta board! The project is not hosted under my own github account anymore, but under the kingboard team account Continue reading Kingboard: easier to install, project path on github changed, approaching beta


For a long time i’ve refused to use php’s namespaces, mostly because i think \ sucks for them. However, they are quite usefull. So lately i decided to take the Time and convert the King23 and Kingboard to use PHP namespaces. While thats not a hard task todo, it still is alot of work. King23 should be done by now, Kingboard is done about 70%. With the namespaces comes new class loading, and with that a bit of a new directory structure. taking Kingboard as an example, the old structure (simplyfied) /cache /conf /lib /lib/King23 /lib/Pheal /lib/Kingboard /lib/… /model /public … Continue reading namespaces

What stupid name is kingboard, sounds like something from wow..

A few days ago someone linked me a thread on failheap where a few guys where talking about kingboard. The discussion was mostly “has anyone ever heard of this? No? What a stupid name…” Now I don’t really expect many people to have heard of a software that’s not even beta yet. Well the name is a mix of king23 and killboard, king23 being the php framework kingboard is based on. Now about a release of the software.the source its actually public for quite a while now, and a first beta release package should be there soon. My last goal … Continue reading What stupid name is kingboard, sounds like something from wow..

Kingboard: now more incremental

The way that pilot/alliance/corporation/general stats where generated wasn’t exactly what i would call optimum. MongoDB does not allow to split up map/reduces over several processes (yet) (except with several server instances), so a map/reduce can take quite long. So far Kingboard was caching map/reduce results to avoid it to have the high runtimes with large amounts of killmails (i tested with up to 6mio killmails). This would have caused everyone who actually had a cache miss (expired / not in cache yet) to have unacceptable high wait times. Now the refresh of the cache could be asynchronous to the request … Continue reading Kingboard: now more incremental

Kingboard, now bootstrapped and with owner specific details

a while ago Karbowiak of Evsco created quite a bit of interest in Kingboard by one of his forum posts (or was it a blog post?). Kingboard is supposed to be a new killboard software, which makes alot of things better than the old EDK, see links below for more information. with the interest having calmed down it seems i’m currently the only one left working on it, and with me having a new job i didn’t really have the time to put into kingboard lately that i would like to have had. That said, due to me being sick … Continue reading Kingboard, now bootstrapped and with owner specific details