that post about harassment in the gaming industry…

For a long time i have tried to keep the gender discussion out of my blog, as this is a very sensitive subject, and people tend to be very strongly opinionated in either direction – so maybe to avoid some of the stuff that i’m mentioning here as well, and i didn’t want people to feel negatively about other stuff i’m writing here simply because they disagree with this subject. But I’ve commenting on other blogs, forums and commenting systems on this subject before. In the last two days I’ve seen this article about harassment in the gaming industry linked … Continue reading that post about harassment in the gaming industry…

save the east-side-gallery… please.

When i was a child germany was weird. there was east-germany and west-germany, the eastern part being ruled by the bad russians/communists/bad guys, who put a wall throug berlin so people couldn’t run from those bad people. When in 1989 – i was 9 years old at that time – the berlin wall came down, and all of a sudden the world was changing. To me as a child, it was great when one of my heroes, david hasselhoff played his famous song at the berlin wall (new years eve 1989 to 1990), which was broadcasted on national tv. The cold war … Continue reading save the east-side-gallery… please.

Hacking the Fritz!Box – Oder wie man dem Fritz!Box Mediaserver beibringt ein anderes Verzeichnis zu benutze

To my english readers Todays blog entry is in german, since its about a piece of hardware which as far as i know is only sold to the german market. If i’m wrong, and you own a Fritz!Box Fon WLAN 7320, and you don’t understand german, feel free to leave a comment, i will translate the post then. WICHTIG! Zuerst lesen! Dieser Blogeintrag beschaeftigt sich damit die Fritz!Box 7320 dazu zu bringen, mit dem eingebauten Mediaserver ein bestimmtes Verzeichnis auf einer angeschlossenen USB Festplatte zu verwenden. Die hier gezeigte “loesung” ist ein Hack, der nicht von unerfahrenen Anwendern gemacht werden … Continue reading Hacking the Fritz!Box – Oder wie man dem Fritz!Box Mediaserver beibringt ein anderes Verzeichnis zu benutze

living in 2010

Living in the year 2010. One thing i love about 2010 During my youth my friends and i used to bring our PC’s together to create a local area network, so we could share files and play games together. While moving our Computers arround on a hand barrow we where dreaming of a networked world, without the need of us moving the computers arround, with the ability to send instant messages to eachother and much more. Much sooner than we thought this became the reallity of our daily life. Nowadays most people, most jobs wouldn’t function properly without this network. … Continue reading living in 2010

random update… oh, and a new page

yeah i know i know, i haven’t posted in a while, thats mostly because i haven’t done much stuff thats worth writing about. however i’ve put a bit of time into a webpage for the king23 framework, and if you want to you can check out a first (very small) version at if i manage to find a bit more time i should probably start in writing a bit more docs then the inline docs and the tutorial posts on this blog. I’ve been toying arround a bit with the idea of adding a bit of tools to integrate … Continue reading random update… oh, and a new page

wtf google?

so i started my browser, expecting to see my dear google the way i like it.. and what do i see? a background image showing trees! seriously, wtf? since im no treehugger, i had a look how to change it back, guess what – i didnt find an option to make it look like it used to. Now i have a grey background, not exactly the way i like my google, but still better than the trees. Continue reading wtf google?