receiving a “fuck you” note by youtube.

After my last video (my 100s video) didn’t get demonetized – which I found a refreshing change – youtube seems to have decided to add new chicanes. This morning I received a mail by YouTube titled “Important updates to the youtube partner program”. In this mail they say: “While our goal remains to keep the YPP open to as many channels as possible, we recognise that we need more safeguards in place to protect creator revenue across the YouTube ecosystem” So the first thing I thought was “ok, so they are finally dealing with the demonetization issue, and maybe kick … Continue reading receiving a “fuck you” note by youtube.

[Post 7] #oneweekdailyblogging – no honor amongst bloggers

So, yesterday on Twitter I joked about the last post of #oneweekdailyblogging, saying that I thought that we’d post drunk from a party today. @Tom174_ picked up up on that, and I decided that since I had brought it up honor demanded that I should really do that post with Tom. @Anemsalok lets do this! With pictures ;) @ppetermann @badidol — Tom Burck (@Tom174_) June 24, 2016 Well, I’m on the party, Tom is on the party, we both consumed enough alcohol to count, and he tells me that he already scheduled a post before we came here.. Guess you … Continue reading [Post 7] #oneweekdailyblogging – no honor amongst bloggers