Battle Among The Stars: Day 7

So, this time I guess I don’t have a fancy screenshot to show. Most of the work on Day 7 was restructuring some more of the Blueprints I had already build (if you read the Day 6 post, you might see that this has become a common theme, which is due to me still learning the language & engine), as well as learning a bit more on how the unreal engine integrates c++, as I have found a few things that I’d like to do that don’t seem possible with Blueprint yet. Also I seem to have a problem with … Continue reading Battle Among The Stars: Day 7

Battle Among The Stars, Day 6

Today I spend time on finally getting the turret rotation to work, and as it turned out I hadn’t really understood the problems that I faced during LD yet – I ended up having rotation wrong again. (It only worked last time i looked at the problem because I had my 2D playingfield in front of me instead of looking from the top at it.) Now personally i think adding rotational turrets should be something rather easy, and I was a bit annoyed on how long it took me, but I think my excuses are good enough, after all I’m still spending most … Continue reading Battle Among The Stars, Day 6

Battle Among The Stars, Day 5

So, todays post is rather boring. I spend much more time than I wanted on figuring out how to get a camera which is moveable detached from the pawn controlled by the player. I wasted a lot of time watching videos on how to use cameras and such, also spend quite some time reading up on answerhub, and in the end I realized, I don’t even need most of the stuff they where talking about (For example: someone suggested using 2 PlayerController instances, so two Pawns, one for the camera and one for the actual pawn can be possessed. Having … Continue reading Battle Among The Stars, Day 5

Game Jam result: Relicary

Working at a gaming company comes with some advantages, the more obvious ones – like working with geeks and nerds who share a passion for the same thing, but also the lesser obvious ones, like our ways of celebrating and/or living our creativity. Last weekend we had a company internal game jam, just to have some fun. Now, you might ask what a game jam is, so let me quote from the wikipedia article on the subject: “A game jam is a gathering of game developers for the purpose of planning, designing, and creating one or more games within a … Continue reading Game Jam result: Relicary