composer – what you should know

composer – what you should know. Last year I wrote a piece called “a few thoughts about composer and how people use it“. In that post I had a list of things which are problematic about how composer is used. That post got widely recognized, linked an visited, but in general those issues still exist. However lately I’ve had even more people asking questions (either on related forums, irc or even irl) about problems that stem from issue number 2: people are using composer as an installer (and sometimes Number 3 because of Number 2). In that Post I already … Continue reading composer – what you should know

[Post 7] #oneweekdailyblogging – no honor amongst bloggers

So, yesterday on Twitter I joked about the last post of #oneweekdailyblogging, saying that I thought that we’d post drunk from a party today. @Tom174_ picked up up on that, and I decided that since I had brought it up honor demanded that I should really do that post with Tom. @Anemsalok lets do this! With pictures ;) @ppetermann @badidol — Tom Burck (@Tom174_) June 24, 2016 Well, I’m on the party, Tom is on the party, we both consumed enough alcohol to count, and he tells me that he already scheduled a post before we came here.. Guess you … Continue reading [Post 7] #oneweekdailyblogging – no honor amongst bloggers

[Post 6] #oneweekdailyblogging – on responsibility when posting on social media

A lot of people post a lot of shit on social media. Especially when it is about politics, conspiracy theories, or other highly polarizing things, a lot of people don’t even make the effort to check their source. I’ve called out several friends in the past, when they posted something with an untrustworthy source, or worse things that are obviously false. What gets me each time, is how often people respond in a careless manner, saying things like: “It was just a link, I can’t check every link I copy” (well maybe you should copy less links) or “Well I … Continue reading [Post 6] #oneweekdailyblogging – on responsibility when posting on social media

[Post 5] #oneweekdailyblogging – on posting

Right after yesterday’s post WordPress congratulated me to 100 posts. Interesting, I somehow thought I had written more in the 6 years since I moved from my old blog to this. This morning I still didn’t know what to post about today, and someone (already forgot who, sorry) posted a link to a test that was supposedly identical to one researchers had used to do a study on how many left-radicals or left extremists are in Germany. The test itself was quite simple, the questions almost leading, and you could only answer yes or no, where a scale from 1 … Continue reading [Post 5] #oneweekdailyblogging – on posting

[Post 2] #oneweekdailyblogging – what did others pick for their first post?

So, its day two of the #oneweekdailyblogging. If you don’t know what that is, check out the original post on @Anemsalok’s  blog, explaining the rules. So, lets have a look at what subjects participants chose for their first post: @Anemsalok: made a post bringing people up to speed whats going on with her lately, and informing about a few things on various social platforms that shes been doing @badidol: did kinda the same thing that I did myself: which was a bit of a cheat and posted about doing the one post a day thing @piink: posted on how not … Continue reading [Post 2] #oneweekdailyblogging – what did others pick for their first post?

[Post 1] #oneweekdailyblogging – thanks tom..

So after being nominated himself yesterday, tom nominated me for #oneweekdailyblogging last night. @piinkO_o @Anemsalok ah well.. why not. @schwulemiker & @badidol @MartinDomig & @ppetermann I nominate you #oneweekdailyblogging — Tom Burck (@Tom174_) June 17, 2016 Now this is going to be interesting, as usually I blog when I have a subject I want to blog about, now pulling topics out of the hat to fill a complete week with posts will be a bit challenging. Probably I could get the week full with tech/php/composer posts, so expect a few of those – but I’ll try to post a few … Continue reading [Post 1] #oneweekdailyblogging – thanks tom..